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Joint Diseases of Senior Dogs

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Twenty-five to thirty percent of dogs develop joint disease. That is why it’s so important to take notice of any of the signs that could indicate that your dog is beginning to suffer from any inflammatory illness. Joint disease is more likely in larger dogs and some forms are congenital in pure breed pets. If you see any warning signs take your dog to the vet and work out a health regimen for him.

These are the types of arthritis that plague dogs.
Degenerative Joint Disease
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Knee (stifle joint)
Hypertrophic Arthritis
Shoulder Degeneration
Wrist Arthritis
Kneecap Dislocation

The choice to help your dog get relief from arthritis or to prevent it from developing is yours. As you can see there are several ways to keep your dogs joints healthy that you can utilize. Really it depends on how much time you have whether or not you would make your dog’s food yourself, give him supplements, or feed him commercial dog food made to help treat arthritis. And definitely your vet’s opinion on your dog’s diet is a consideration. Many vets do recommend supplements and arthritis food formulas for treatment of arthritis in dogs.

It is hard to watch your old friend limp and whimper when he or she walks. Pay attention to his movements and his behavior. Your dog will let you know when the joints are hurting, but only you can help them out and give them the relief they need. With the right medications your dog will not be as good as new, but they will feel less pain.

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog lover. She has written several dog books. You can find her books and senior dog products that promote healthier, happier dogs in their golden years by visiting

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