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The Best Diet For Your Senior Dog

Posted on: October 29, 2008

There has been considerable debate as to the best food for dogs. People used to think that too much protein could cause kidney problems, but that has been proven wrong. Another point, commercial dog food manufacturers have improved their formulas over the years. The meat-based diets are better than in yesteryears. A meat-based diet according to some vets is the best if your dog is in normal health. Here is the key to picking a good commercial dog food for a healthy dog.

Its protein content should be 30% or higher, fat at lest 15%, vitamin E and C should be the preservatives, and it should have some Omega fatty acids. Dogs can synthesize twelve alpha amino acids of the twenty-two that mammals need. They need to get the other ten in their diet and they are essential. They have short and basically simple gastrointestinal tracts and can’t rely on microbe amino acid synthesis like herbivores, which have long gastrointestinal tracts and can produce amino acids via billions of microorganisms residing in their tracts.

They can use fats from plant and animal sources. Dogs can synthesize linoleic acid from lenolenic. Dogs use carbohydrates to fuel muscular and metabolic activities, though they can live well with fewer carbs and use more fat and protein. Good sources of protein for them are beef, chicken, fish, lamb, and meat by-products. Don’t get upset by by-products. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials the by-products don’t contain hair, hide, hooves, or feathers. It refers to organ meats meaning liver, kidney, stomach, heart, blood, spleen-all of which dogs ate in the wild.

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog lover. She has written several dog books. You can find her books and senior dog products that promote healthier, happier dogs in their golden years by visiting


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