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Darling Jack Russell Terrier Jewelry

Posted on: October 27, 2008

I really like Jack Russell Terriers; they are such playful, fun dogs. That’s why I think that the jewelry inspired by them is so charming. If you have seen any of the sterling silver earrings with the image of the cute little dogs on them, you’ll know what I mean. If you like Italian charm bracelets—then what about a terrier charm to hang from it?  It would be an eye-catching sight and get you into some great conversations with other people that like charm bracelets and loveable Jack Russell Terriers.


Everyone will ask you where you got those cute earrings when you wear your Jack Russell Parson earrings. Their retro 70’s button-style look is mod with a new twist.  SM Violano designed them; she is famous for her homeless pet paintings and the whimsy of her Hollyberry Park Creations.


A Parson Russell Terrier watch is a good way to know the time and show your love for the breed. It has a large face so it is easy to read the time. It has a nice leather band and a scratch-resistant crystal. When you have a Watch Buddy it is a reminder of that faithful little buddy that waits for you at home and is always glad to see you. It has a pretty aquamarine face and a darker blue strap. It is a thoughtful gift for someone you know that has a Jack Russell Terrier. In fact, any of these fine products that exude the Jack Russell Terrier charm are great gifts for someone that calls a terrier his friend.

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