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The Jack Russell Terrier – Undying Loyalty to Their Person

Posted on: October 23, 2008

The Jack Russell is also unwaveringly loyal. The mighty little wonder will go to any lengths to protect its home and family. A jack will not hesitate to protect owners and children in its family. Some Jacks have even been known to protect other pets in the family from harm. If a Jack perceives a member of the family to be in danger they will even often protect them by placing their own body between whomever they are protecting and the perceived danger. This loyalty makes the Jack Russell one of the bravest little dog breeds in the world, and many a Jack has been injured or even killed while protecting loved ones from harm.

Thanks to its energy level this mighty little bundle of fur requires a huge investment of time and attention. In order to maintain any sanity in their home life, owners have to focus on activity, exercise, training and discipline. Owners of Jack Russell’s also have to exhibit a certain amount of acceptance of their Jack Russell and the history behind the breed that makes him who he is. The owner has to understand the hunting nature that has been bred into the dog and find ways to work with it. Your Jack Russell is who he is, and you will not change him.

In the very early years a Jack Russell must have consistent training and vigorous exercise. Without that ground work in place a Jack Russell can become aggressive, unmanageable, disobey commands, bark excessively, chase strangers, and even exhibit aggression towards guests in your home. A well trained Jack is more than happy to comply with the rules of the home and obey commands…unless they’ve caught onto the scent of another animal.

Kellie Rainwater loves her Jack Russell Terrier, Trixie, so much that she co-authored the book, “The Jack Russell Terrier: Canine Companion or Demon Dog.” You can find this book and other Jack Russell toys, jewelry, and merchandise that is branded with the face of this tenacious canine at

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