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Support Groups Not Narcissistic Argues Researchers

Posted on: October 22, 2008

Cella D. and Yellen (1993) argue Wuthnow’s pragmatic view against support groups that support groups serve narcissistic needs. In a study with cancer support groups, these researchers have found that these groups sever a large number of people and their family members. Though do argue that the existing cancer treatment network leaves a gap in meeting the psychosocial and psychological needs of the in support group. The needs that they have considered unmet can be met, not by outsiders, but people within the group itself. These include the sharing of common experience and mutual aid of those who have had the ailment or is suffering from it during the support group process. Discussions about the emotional impact of the illness, isolation, stigma, problems with intimacy, family difficulty, and role changes seem to be the best topics to address the needs of the individual. They suggest support group components be aligned with advice giving, emotional support, and direct assistance. This group of researchers also noted that the support groups had an under-representation of poor, men, and people of color. They have suggested that these support groups need to put in an outreach program to include these groups of people.

This support group seems indigenous to other support groups of its kind. It has to be the members of the group and the self realization of the individual to make this non-conventional method work. Again the idea that there are populations that are excluded or is served in smaller numbers is noticed. Support groups can receive a lot of ammunition from this populations and the ‘White Middle Class’ can also learn from those less fortunate or of those from different cultures or ethnic backgrounds. The sharing of information and the knowledge gained by these interactions will go well beyond the confines of the support group.

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