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Support Groups Have Gone Global With the Internet

Posted on: October 22, 2008

Support groups are not just an American phenomena, they are located world wide and function is similar ways. A disease or a disorder does not recognize national boundaries and a population of people may share the same infliction. The internet has broadened these populations to the view of their disease and they can communicate electronically around the world. They can share their common stories and give advice on how the sufferer can alleviate physical and emotional pain. The support groups can even give advice on unconventional medicine and traditional medicine that is practiced in their country that might not be known in the United States or the more industrialized countries of the world. The global disease takes on an importance of global healing. This is not a push for a cure, but a push for treatment of the emotional and physical pain.

The internet can also be a way for someone to find support groups in their area. There are many databases that can provide the patient with a plethora of information and locations where the support groups are held. By using the name of the affliction and the words ‘support group’ as the keyword in the search engine, the patient will find that there are thousands of listings of meetings and events that support their illness. The support group networks on the internet provide locations, times, scheduling, conferences, forums, blogs, and articles that will give the patient the information that many are so in need of. A general medical doctor or even a specialist does not have the time and energy to focus outside official medical journals and the support groups have that advantage over them.

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