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Alternative Medicine and the Placebo Response

Posted on: October 22, 2008

The OAM and other agencies divide alternative medicines into to six fields: bio-electromagnetic, alternative medicine applications, mind and body interventions, hands on healing strategies, biological and pharmaceutical practices, herbal medicine which includes diet and nutrition. One of the most controversial practices, but one that is becoming more popular, is the mind and body intervention. Research has shown that the mind has serious connections to the body and vice versa. The connection is so strong that one can not really treat one without affecting the other. I think, therefore I am, has a profound impact on this idea. The use of placebos and their positive effect on a person’s illness proves this theory, but the mind and body intervention is one of the least studied by conventional medicine.

The placebo affect is not just the fake pill itself, it has to do with the relationship between the doctor and the patient. A doctor, who is trusted by the patient, has a powerful psychological influence over that patient. He can tell them they are getting better or getting worse and the trusting patient has nothing to go on except that word. This can transcend to someone’s faith. The concept of faith healing has more to do with the person’s belief in the power of their higher spirit than the actual intervention of that spirit. The words of the doctor or spiritual leader now become the placebo, and the patient’s mind can overcome and change the illness or condition of the body. Sadly, there is little research to expand on this notion in conventional circles.

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