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Historical Schools of Thought on Ethics

Posted on: October 17, 2008

The historical ethical school of thought has to do with how we can control our environment and everything in it. In this school of thought we are taught that nature’s bounties are there for us and we must be responsible for the upkeep and use of these resources. Human rights and the right to use these resources or covered, but the mismanagement of those rights and the harm of other human beings is considered unethical. Our government rules our country as do most governments throughout the world under a code of ethics or religious law. The morality of the society dictates the law and how things are considered it right or wrong.

From the beginnings of an autocratic rule, the ethics of even a sovereign ruler would dictate the ethics of the nation or community outside the religious realm. When you mix the religion of the society with the dictates of an absolute ruler, the mixture of the religion and the ethical mentality of that ruler will set the grounds from which that society will be judged. As governments turn into democracies and expand in bureaucratic growth, the ethics will change to meet the diversity of the society. As history, nature, and ethics, evolves so will the interpretations of those ethics evolve.

The historical schools of thoughts will change as technology changes the world. The basis of ethical thought on religious texts and societal norms is changed into an idea of what is right and wrong on the electronic realm of the Internet. As businesses develop electronically and people sell products that they do not even own or produce the direction of ethics will be dictated by the electronic world society more and governed less by the leaders of the countries of the physical world.

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