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Jon Benet Ramsey and the Intruder Theory

Posted on: October 16, 2008

Smit is steadfast in the intruder theory because none of the foreign DNA found and tested by either test matched anyone in the Ramsey family’s DNA. Also, a rope was found near the driveway that didn’t match any rope the Ramseys owned. According to John Douglas who has had great success in solving crimes and he is a killer profiler, an interloper murdered JonBenét.

Douglas said that the Ramseys didn’t match the profile of someone that kills his own child. His main point is that the Ramseys didn’t have a motive, but parents that kill their children always have one. Normally such a victim would have shown physical or emotional attributes of being abused preceding being murdered, but JonBenét didn’t have that history. Her doctor and teachers said that there were no signs ever of any abuse.

It is an interesting point that when Patsy called 911 she didn’t tell the dispatcher that the note stated that her daughter would be beheaded if the authorities were summoned. She called their pastor and some friends to come over too, though the note said that “If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies.” When Detective Linda Arndt arrived about 8:00 am the friends and the pastor were at the Ramsey home. When the police searched the grounds they didn’t find any indications of a break in according to some of the media accounts and this was broadcast because one officer in his official report stated, ” “Strange, no footprints.” the report also said there were no indications of forced entry.

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