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Your Dog’s History Can Determine If They Suffer From Environmental Dermatitis

Posted on: October 13, 2008

All dogs itch, scratch, and lick themselves, but when the itching or scratching becomes too much to bear not only for the human owner and for the dog itself, you need to take your dog to a vet. If your dog is scratching, licking, and biting at himself all the time and is so self-absorbed that it’s doesn’t act the way he used to, nor does it seem to have a very good quality of life, a vet call is definitely in order. No matter if your dog is the indoor dog or a outdoor dog, all dogs are prone to skin disorders.

One of the causes for your dog to scratch and itch is environmental dermatitis. Dogs with environmental dermatitis have hair loss and skin irritation much like an itchy scalp for humans. You can find out if your dog has environmental dermatitis by taking him to the vet and tell the vet about his diet, his physical activity, and whatever problems he had in the past.

Your dog may have just a simple allergic reaction to grasses in your yard or other materials you have in your house. Most vets can provide a allergy test that is similar to the allergy tests that they perform on humans. Think about where your dog has been lately. Has he gone swimming in a pond or lake or maybe you have bought a new product or cleanser into the house. By going through the history, you may be able to find out what your pet is allergic to without a veterinarian allergy test.

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