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Ted Bundy’s Obsession With Pornography

Posted on: October 13, 2008

Ted Bundy was obsessed with pornography. When he was 13 years old he began reading dirty magazines that he found in a dumping ground near his home. He was instantly mesmerized by the images of naked women. His obsession turned sour when he became are more interested in the violent scenes of rape and S&M then he was with just the subtle pictures of nude ladies. He suddenly was turned on by seeing women that were tortured, murdered, or other gruesome occurrences. From magazines his obsession turned to videos where once he had his fill of fantasy he began to make that fantasy become real.

Ted Bundy was a law student and was considered very good-looking and intelligent. His process of murder was to lure young woman to his car by using several different methods. One of the methods that he used was to carry large amounts of books while he walked on campus. When a young girl would come along alone, he would drop all the books and of course the young girl would bend help him out. He would then ask the girl to maybe carry some of the books to his car.

Once the young lady was bent over putting the books in the back seat, Bundy would either push or shove the lady into the car. Once Bundy has fulfilled his sexual needs and no longer needed the girl, in a fit of rage he would kill the girl and dump her body in a place for the body would not be found for longtime.

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