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Different Styles of Dog Beds For Your Senior Dog

Posted on: October 13, 2008

There are many styles, shapes, colors and fabrics to choose from and there are many websites that sell dog beds, which makes buying them easy and convenient.

A rectangular thermo-regulating pad provides your dog with a constant cool core in summer months, even near a heater or fireplace unit. It supplies a cushiony support for joints year round. The greatest features are that it’s non-electric, non-toxic, paw-puncture proof, and easy to clean.

The heated rectangle pet bed provides a low level therapeutic heat along with a vibrating, massaging, orthopedic foam core. It is equipped with a detachable chew -resistant cord, as well as a removable and washable cover. It uses a low-voltage power adapter. The power-saving vibrating and massaging unit is a great feature because it cycles on and off.

A hammock-style pet bed is perfect for a large breed dog and it’s raised approximately 7 inches off the ground. The all-weather knitted fabric creates a superior pet bed due to breathable material that increases the flow of cooler air underneath the mat to help your stay cool in the heat during hot summer months. The Frame is made of steel.

Some canine friends like to burrow under blankets and sneak between the bedcovers. They can nuzzle into the couch cushions, and snuggle up in the sheets. The burrow bed is perfect for this type of dog, because the super soft bed is topped by a hood that creates a comforting burrow.

In regard to a pet’s comfort, it is best to focus on comfort more than color. Color is important when you desire the dog bed to fit into your home decor.

Don Rainwater is the author of hundreds of senior dog articles. For more information on senior dog products and to view his book, “When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Old Friend: Caring for a Geriatric Dog” please visit


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