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Should I Give Supplements to My Senior Dog?

Posted on: October 12, 2008

Some senior dogs may see some benefits with supplements. Hip and joint problems have been greatly diminished by these types additions to their nutritional needs. Arthritis and other joint pain can be helped with supplements such as glucosamine and prescribed medications from your doctor.

Chondroitin with glucosamine has shown senior dogs to have marked improvement in their mobility and their quality of life. Along with weight control, the senior dog won’t have the agility and energy of a puppy, but will have more movement and flexibility in their joints, hips, and legs. Glucosamine can be bought at local drug stores or health food stores but you should ask you vet before you use and get an idea about the dosage. Too much of any supplement can be as harmful as it is beneficial.

Supplements for diet is recommended when you dog needs something more from their diet than what their food is giving them. This can occur when you dog’s food, even though you picked a good food with the help of your vet, still is not providing the nutritional value your dog needs. Because an older dog usually loses more electrolytes in their urinary and kidney systems, they need to get more of these vital minerals and vitamins from other areas. Another cause of a need for supplements is that your dog just eats less than they used to. This could be because of teeth pain or other oral diseases or that their metabolism is slowing down and they eat less so not to feel overfull or bloated.

For more information on senior dog care and senior dog supplements, vitamins, and products, please vist

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