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Physiotherapy and Honey For Your Senior Dog

Posted on: October 11, 2008

Physiotherapy has been used as a treatment for humans for quite some time, but it increasingly recognized as a treatment for pets. It is the use of physical techniques to treat injuries dysfunction of movement. Basically, getting their range of motion corrected to its original state or as close as possible. Your dog’s vet should diagnose the problem first and recommend the therapy. You want the correct dysfunction recognized. Also, it is illegal for someone to treat your dog without his vet’s knowledge and permission concerning the case. The law covering this is The Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1962.

According to some phytotherapist honey is good for dogs because it is good for the nervous system as a tonic, an excellent provider of energy, and it stimulates the heart. It is a predigested food because the bees have already digested it, which enables it to race directly into the blood stream. It also removes toxins and stops pathogenic bacteria from developing in the digestive system.

The honey that has healing properties is natural-unheated because heat kills about fifty percent of its effective properties. You can give it to Fido by putting it in his water. If he won’t drink that, put it in a ball of food. Though this is about older dogs, note that it is given to puppies in milk.

Hippocrates actually used two honey based methods of treatment: water and honey and vinegar and honey. He treated many aliments with these solutions. There are also a lot of herbs to use to make tinctures with for various diseases. It is best to contact a trained phytotherapist that has experience in treating dogs. That way, your pet can get the right amount of the herb into his system-not to much, but enough. You should also inform your dog’s vet of any herbal medications you are giving your dog. Some herbs could interfere with the absorption of a med or vice versa. Also, remember that herbs aren’t totally harmless, if used improperly.

Your state may require him or her to be licensed as a vet before being able to legally give your pet treatment. Guidelines have been set by the American Veterinary Association for veterinary holistic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathic medicine. You can find out from your state veterinary association, if a treatment you are considering is legal.

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