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What to Do When Your Spouse is TDY Or in the Field

Posted on: October 9, 2008

Being separated from your military spouse is a reality for military families. For most military families their military spouse could be gone as much as nine months out of the year and given the recent worldly events, it is usually for an even greater amount of time. The best thing a military spouse can do while their loved one is serving their country often times a world away is to rely heavily on other military families. Military families are familiar with the difficulties of being a solo wife and often times a parent. It is gratifying knowing that the friends you are involved with when you are a military family are familiar with the issues and situations you may be faced with.

A military unit, squadron, platoon, or battalion is a family in itself and looks after their own. Most often a military personnel and/or a family member will call to check on the families while the military spouse is working away from home. Often times they will help you work on a broken vehicle, fix or maintain the home or simply watch arrange for child care so the military spouse is able to take care of personal things without their children. The number one thing a military spouse learns very quickly when their loved one is out of town is to rely on other military families and their spouses co-workers. What goes around will usually come around. You and your military member will have the opportunity to help someone else while their loved one is away.

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