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Social Networking in Military Housing

Posted on: October 9, 2008

Many military members choose to live on a military installation at some point during their military career. Living in military housing has its rewards and can also have its downfalls as well. Military housing is usually a wonderful experience for children as there are usually many children to socialize with and/or play with. Same thing applies to adults as well. Some families form lifelong friendships and amazing bonds, while others keep to themselves and have no interest in being social or getting to know their neighbors. Most often in military housing the homes are a duplex or very close together and can often be awkward and even downright uncomfortable when one family or another are having issues. For many military families, living on a military installation allows an opportunity for them to get to know a variety of people from many different areas.

It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know and relate to even many different cultures and even get to know more about other areas in our country as well as other countries. Military children have the same opportunities and are a great way to learn more about our country and others compared to other children who grow up and live in the same town their entire life. Many military families consider living on a military installation as an opportunity one may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. The bonds and friendships made while living on a military installation can be lifelong. Often times, the military member and sometimes the military families have other opportunities to run into or cross paths with prior neighbors as they move from installation to installation.

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