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Living on a Military Base: Life in the Green Lane

Posted on: October 9, 2008

Being a military family, you most often have an opportunity to live on a military installation. Living on a military installation offers many positives for the military family. Many times the military member is often times working away from home and living on a military installation provides a great amount of comfort for the military family. Living on a base or installation offers the opportunity to bond and relate with other military families who are familiar with the lifestyle of a military family. That alone provides an enormous amount of comfort. Being a military family, our lifestyle is very different from the average family. A military family move more often than the average family and are often separated from the military member more than the average family, so being surrounded by similar families is a great comfort.

Usually a military installation provides many conveniences for the military families by offering a variety of services and programs. Usually a military installation has Youth Centers, Libraries, Bowling Alleys and other various recreational opportunities as well as fitness centers and walking and biking trails. The installation also offers job opportunities for the military spouse as well as bonding opportunities for the children. Sometimes a military installation offers elementary schools and often times will have a childcare facility as well, which is also extremely convenient. Living on a military installation not only offers a variety of services and activities, having similar families around you can also be very rewarding. A military family is a very rewarding and exciting experience and living on a military installation can be very comforting.

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