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High Tech Pet Humane Contain Electronic Dog Fence

Posted on: October 9, 2008

Click Image for More Information

Click Image for More Information

High Tech Pet Humane Contain Electronic Dog Fence (3080416) This electronic fence has a Pulsed Proportional Stimulus system that offers quick, humane training. This system continuously increases sound and shock pulse as the dog moves toward the boundary. Features a multi-functional rechargeable collar that operates with all PAW (Pet Automated World) products including the Power Pet door and the Sound Barrier Indoor Sonic Fence (each sold separately). Your pets can operate all three products from a single collar. Use this fence as a great stand-alone electronic containment system, or use it with other PAW products now or in the future. The collar is slim, light-weight and comfortable on your pet. It is fully waterproof and rechargeable. Includes a special heavy-duty Ultra Wire made of the highest quality solid core copper with a special insulating material that stands up to the elements. System includes: Transmitter, collar, collar charger, 500 feet of Ultra-Wire, 50 flags, wire splices, mounting hardware and AC adapters for transmitter and rechargeable battery. Maximum 50 acre range with the purchase of additional wire. How it works The collar features the Pulsed Proportional Stimulus system to humanely contain your pet. A computer chip inside the collar detects the distance of your pet from the boundary wire. It applies a combination of sound and shock, proportionately increasing as your pet approaches the boundary. Collar features: Ulta-light (weighs only 1.3 oz) and comfortable for your pet Built-In Stimulus Test Lamp* with Test Button Waterproof Tone Speaker produces a loud tone and is fully waterproof. Operating Status LED: Auto flash = All Okay Super Strong Molded Strap** Ultrasonic Multi-Function Transmitter controls everything! Operates pet door, ultra sonic barriers, and Humane Contain systems Solid Copper Stimulus Probes Extra Rugged, Fully Waterproof Casing Rechargeable

To learn more or to purchase please visit


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