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Department of Defense Schools Verses US Public Schools

Posted on: October 9, 2008

For military families who have school age children and live overseas have the opportunity to enroll their children in a Department of Defense Schools. These schools are located on overseas military installations and are very similar to US Public Schools. Department of Defense Schools usually have a principal and vice principal as well as the usual school personnel such as skilled and trained teachers and guidance staff. The Department of Defense Schools offers the same academic opportunities as US Public Schools with one vast difference.

Department of Defense School students have opportunities many US Public Schools do not have and are unable to experience in learning about the culture and experience and travel the country in which their school is located. In many cases the Department of Defense Schools offers a course based on whichever country/culture the school is located in for the children to learn and experience. Many of the Department of Defense Schools encourage their students to take time to travel and experience the country and neighboring countries as it is may be educational as well as an opportunity that so many American children can never and will never have the opportunity to experience. Traveling and learning about their countries culture, beliefs and way of life is an experience many military members experience and often time obtain themselves during their time there.

A noticeably patriot atmosphere surrounds Department of Defense Schools for many. The bonds formed while attending school overseas is truly inspirational. Families and children alike have many similarities in lifestyle and have a strong sense of pride when it comes to being part of the United States Military Families.

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