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The Jack Russell Terrier – A Breed Like No Other

Posted on: October 5, 2008

We all love to have pets and specially when it comes to dogs, we all love them as they are also considered to be the best friends of humans. Today there are many dogs available in the market with different breeds. But when we talk about Jack Russell Terrier, the picture that comes to our mind would be a small, white smooth and very innocent and cute small puppy. You will surely be tempted to take it in your arms if you have a look at this dog.

Jack Russell Terrier is the breed which is developed by Reverend John Russell, he is the person who first bought a small white terrier as the base of his breeding program that produced terriers that are tough enough and brave to follow foxes. And during those days, these dogs were called fox terriers. Though there are many different breeds of dogs available in the market but the owners with big houses, or farm-house owners would specially prefer this dog as this dog is specially breeded as the working terrier. This dog is very protective and a true friend when taken proper care of.

Jack Russell Terriers are very intelligent, caring and fearless dogs who are full of energy too. They are very playful and when trained properly they are very helpful in day to day things as well. And because of the small size and fearlessness, this breed is gaining popularity in all countries. But the dog owners, who want to buy this breed, should also keep in mind that they are not made for all.

Surely they are very friendly and out-going but when their territory is crossed or when they feel offended, they become very aggressive. So the owners who have kids at home should be very careful and choose the dog that is well-trained and also make sure that kids are also instructed not to irritate the animals. Also another thing that prospective buyers should take care of is that Jack Russell Terriers are kind of hyperactive and they often get bored with the same task. Also they require frequent exercise to maintain their mental as well as physical level on the go.

Jack Russell Terrier is indeed a very good breed for anyone to buy. They just have to be a bit careful and they get a very loving and caring protection from this wonderful dog. It comes in very attractive shiney white color that makes it look very sweet and cute puppy but do not get cheated by the looks as you have to keep a hard hand when you take care of this dog as it is not meant to become a lap dog.

So, if you are planning to buy a dog, then just once have a look at Jack Russell Terrier and I am sure you will be forced to buy this dog and do not worry as if you train it properly it will prove to be your best friend and guard to your family.

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