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Is A Jack Russell Terrier Right For Your Family

Posted on: October 5, 2008

A loving and playful creature comes to our mind when we think about the dog. Dogs have proven themselves as the best guard and most loyal friends to humans time to time. When we talk about Jack Russell Terrier, we get a sweet cute puppy in our thoughts and we would love to own such a puppy for sure. Jack Russell is indeed a happy, bold and energetic dog that are extremely loyal and self-assured.

It is one of the best companion for hunting as well as family pet. Indeed hunting is one of their best qualities as they were bred for that. They are able to adopt any environment and circumstances and that is the reason they are best suited as hunting dogs.

JRTs are available mainly in three different coats one is smooth and polished, second one is broken that is also called intermediate and the third type is rough that comes with long hair. But among all these, smooth coat dogs are more in demand as they form very sweet, cute look. The height of this dog varies from 10″ to 15″. They have a short upright tail that is cropped after their birth to only 4″ long.

Jack Russell, when trained properly can make an excellent family pet that helps you in some domestic works and is also a very good guard to your family. There is one such an informative vendor of his doings than most of the voters The most surprising qualities of this dog is though it is considered to be very aggressive but it is very kind and gentel when dealing with kids of the family.

This dog has a life spam of 11 to 18 years. Owners have to take care of certain things when they wish to buy this dog because you need to get all the information about this dog when you wish to buy one. This breed is very different in behaviour when compared to any other breed. This is a very special type of breed that has been kept very sound, intelligent and quite unchanged by the people who really cared about their heritage. There is one special club formed by Jack Russell Terriers lovers who promote these dogs and also keep owners updated about the special care that should be taken while owning this precious puppy that has a long history.

It is a good puppy to own for anyone but there are some cautions that owner has to take care of before planning to buy this breed. If you are planning to buy a dog for the very first time, then I suggest you better go for any other breed as this breed requires lot of care. If you have any kids in the family, then you should first train you kids before you buy this dog to not to harass this dog as when JRT feels offended it becomes offensive and it may harm your kids. Just be cautious and you can live with the most amazing dog breed very easily because Jack Russell Terriers are very loving, playful and joyful to be around.

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