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Pet Safe Heated Dog Beds Are a Senor Dog’s Best Friend

Posted on: September 28, 2008

When the dog gets up in years apart for the carpet may not be as comfortable for them as they would wish. An older dog has a hard time beating up on the couch or bed and sometimes the floor just too hard for their aching joints and helps. A pet safe heated dog bed is the perfect answer for your old friend. The warmth of the heated pad will ease their aching bones and muscles. As a pet owner you know how you feel after you have been outside all day in the cold weather, while your pet feels the same way. Especially if he is a senior dog, the cold weather can really tighten up those muscles and cause them pain.

A pet safe heated dog bed when not only the deliver warmth but it has a vibrating massage action that delivers a soothing motion. Most come with age to resistant cord so if your dog is still chewing at an old age, he will not be in danger of electrocution. This even makes a save for the younger dogs in your house.

To save energy most pet safe dog beds come with a timer that will turn the bed on and off in internment time. This saves electricity and at the same time will not school your pet. Most dog beds are comfortable for your senior dog, but with the added comfort of heat and massaging motion their senior years can be less painful and more comfortable.

If you are interested in senior dog comfort, care, and products, please visit

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