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More News About Glucosamine

Posted on: September 28, 2008

There are two other names for glucosamine: Chitosamine and Glucosamine sulfate. Though it is usually safe to take here are some considerations. Don’t use it before you tell your doctor if you have an allergy to any medicine proscribed or over-the-counter or a supplement, you are allergic to shellfish, if you are diabetic, suffer from asthma because the combination of chrondrotin and glucosamine can possibly make asthma worse.

It is advisable to ask your doctor how much you should take because the reason you are taking it and how strong it is should be entered into your choice of dosage. Keep it out of direct light and remember that dampness and heat can make it break down and not work as well.

Though it is normally safe for any adult to use, if you have any of these reactions then call your physician: rash, itching, faster heart beat, your ankles swell, can’t sleep, have trouble breathing or your chest or throat become tight.

Here is the information concerning and side effects according to No total contraindications have been found, there is a lack of information concerning glucosamine and pregnancy, and there are no well-documented interactions. They say as a general rule it is thought as safe to use.

Glucosamine can be used with your pets also. Check with your vet and find out if the supplement is right for you. Many old dogs have been able to regain the use or their legs or other functions with the use of glucosamine.

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